It is important to select the right place for your puppy’s purchase

After much thought, you’ve decided now is the time to add a fourth member to the canine breed. The next decision to make is where to place an order to purchase a puppy/adult dog. You can see Top Mini Labradoodle dog breeders for more information.

Adopting a dog from a shelter or from a breeder is the best way to purchase a puppy. It can be a great way to save time and possibly heartache later.

Pet Stores

Pet shops are not the best place for puppies to be bought. Aside from being much more expensive than breeders’ prices, pets in pet stores may not be as well taken care of and have behavior and health issues. Pet store puppies are used to strewn the bed, which deprives them from the natural instinct to keep the area clean. This makes potty training more difficult.

It’s not enough to say that many pet stores buy their puppies from puppy-mills. Puppy farms are commercial breeding areas that breed dogs in terrible conditions, with no concern for the puppies’ welfare or their mothers. They only exist to make thousands of puppies.


If you want to ensure your dog is socialized and well adjusted, it’s a good idea to purchase a puppy or an adult from a responsible breeder. Though opinions differ about what constitutes “responsible breeding”, they all need to display the following qualities.

They have extensive knowledge about the breed, its genetic makeup, and how it was bred.
They are not in this to make a living, but instead do it out of love and dedication.
They will only breed sound dogs and healthy dogs

Be sure to not mistake a puppy broker as a breeder. Puppy broker is someone who acts as a middleman between buyers/breeders. The majority of their puppies come from puppymills. Puppy brokers are easy-to-spot because they don’t always have the momma, are always advertising in newspapers, or online.

Adopting A Dog from a Shelter

This would be a wonderful choice since you would be giving the homeless dog a place to call home. Shelters come with their own set of problems. Many shelters make adopting a dog difficult. You have to fill out an application and answer all questions correctly.

As puppies are adopted quickly, the majority of shelter dogs you’ll find are older dogs. Also, you are more likely to see mixed-breed dogs than purebreds. This in itself is not a problem. You can find the perfect dog for your home by adopting an adult or mixed breed dog. It is important to consider the background of any dog you might be considering getting from a shelter.